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 Meagan's Musings... A Blog 
Friday, July 05 2013

It is time for bed but before I head for the hay, I have to let you know that I'm excitedly anticipating the launch of a brand new jewellery range to Keep It Unique - drum roll please....

Quote Jewellery by BB Becker!

Such beautiful and inspiring sterling silver pieces of art! 

Inspirational sterling silver Quote Jewellery

The three pendants shown in this pic will be available for starters, with many more thought-provoking, elegant styles to come.  Look out for more pendants, as well as stunning bracelets and rings to follow - all featuring well-known quotes to touch our hearts.

Stay tuned...

And good night!

x Meagan x

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Friday, June 21 2013

It has been such a long, long time since I have posted a blog entry or given any attention at all  to my neglected website... I have been too busy fulfilling orders over the past 6 months!

Now, would you believe, Google search results for my whole personalised jewellery range have slipped way down the ranks...  I am crying.  How very very depressing!  This is how I get treated for working so hard?!?!

So.... here is a little shout-out.  Yes I am putting tickets on myself and I apologise for this, but I need to do something - and fast!  Come back my lovely people looking for beautiful and unique jewellery!!!

x Meagan x

Gold and silver personalised pieces, created just for you so you can keep your dearest ones right by your heart.

The Posh Mommy range is available in sterling silver, 14kt yellow gold, 14kt white gold and 14kt rose gold.

Include birthstones in your pendant or opt for engraving only, the choice is yours!

Take your pick from our numerous shapes and sizes - discs, hearts, squares, tags, initial pendants and our ever-popular top seller - the loop pendant.

The quality of this stunning personalised jewellery range will make your favourite Mum's year :-)

All jewellery orders over $150.00 are shipped at no charge Australia-wide via Express Post or fully tracked courier.

Personalised Jewellery by Posh Mommy - for Australian Mummies too!

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Tuesday, October 02 2012
If you’re having a Libran baby, what will your little cherub be like?

Baby Librans born in 2012 will basically be one of two types: those born with Saturn in Libra, and those with Saturn in Scorpio, as of 6 October 2012. Saturn, which spends 2-3 years in each sign creates mini-generational differences in people. He is the planet of responsibility, commitment and endurance. At his best in Libra, the sign of love and beauty, your child has to take responsibility for his or her use of charm and recognise how it affects others, and to commit to relationships, even if the search takes a little longer than usual.

On the other hand, those born 6 October onwards share Saturn in Scorpio. Here, he demands resourcefulness, restrained sexiness (you won’t have to worry about sleazy hook-ups here so much, for example) and they learn to use their tremendous psychological insights into others with care.

Babies born in the first week of Libra (23-31 September) are a much fierier bunch than you’d expect and you’d better get some training now in hostage negotiation! Venus in showy Leo makes them demand attention and squaring Mars in sexy Scorpio on 27 September, they jump to conclusions when someone flirts with them, and don’t take kindly to disloyalty or even the idea that some relationships have an expiry date. They’re also highly affected by the tough Uranus-Pluto square on 19 September that pits youth against authority, innovation against control and which makes them likely to argue with anyone older or in charge all their life. Added to that, they’re surprisingly uncompromising and brutal-talking for a Libran, with Mercury opposite Uranus (20 September), Mercury square Pluto (21 September), Sun square Pluto (29 September), and Sun opposite Uranus (30 September) on the same day as an awkward, my-way-or-else Full Moon. Thank goodness they have a fun, open-hearted Mercury in Libra trine Jupiter in Gemini aspect to soften some of this on 26 September and for the earlier-born Librans, a sweeter-natured side with Venus sextile Jupiter that aids popularity. But malleable, they ain’t.

Babies born in the first week of October are much calmer, and quite intuitive bunch. Venus moves to Virgo on 3 October, but not before blessing those born 1-2 October with a Venus sextile Saturn aspect which will help them make wise choices about partners and peers which is good as the next day, on 3 October the Venus opposite Neptune aspect gives them a classic case of rose-tinted glasses and they could take supporting the underdog a bit too far. Mercury conjunct Saturn on 5 October puts an old head on young shoulders; these are serious folks! Dreamy Neptune crops up again trining Mercury on 6 October (giving a beautiful imagination, artistic ability and kindness) but squaring Mars on 7 October, an aspect which can sap their energy and drive and/or have them “escape” through dubious means if you don’t pay attention.

Those born 8-14 October have queued twice in the line for wonderful aspects. They’re passionate souls (Venus trine Pluto) and enthusiastic and popular (Sun trine Jupiter) with both aspects occurring on 9 October. They’re also highly focused (Mercury sextile Pluto – on the 10th), keen to make the world a better place through constructive efforts (Saturn trine Neptune – 11th), and charming and well-mannered (Mercury sextile Venus – 12th). With such heavenly fortunes bestowed upon them, you may need to teach them that life is not so easy for everyone else.

Babies born in the final week of Libra are similarly blessed with the only planetary fly in the ointment being a Venus square Jupiter aspect on 17 October which can make them a little too fond of the good life, never knowing when enough is enough. Over-promising will get them into trouble so try and curb that early. On the same day as the New Moon (15 October) there is a terrific Mars trine Uranus aspect which can create inventors, techie gurus, scientists and astrologers! They strive to innovate. Within this period also is Mercury sextile Venus (16 October) which provides social savoir faire and popularity: they know how to make others feel good about themselves.

Like to know more about your gorgeous little bundle?  A BabyStars Astrology Report or DIY Kit could be just what you’re looking for!

x Meagan x

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Wednesday, September 19 2012
 If you have a little Virgo baby or know a friend or family who's due to have to one shortly, read on about their personality!

All babies born during this time share Mars in Scorpio. This passionate planet gives a lot more "oomph", a lot more libido, and a lot more strength of will to the typically modest, flexible Virgo. Their interest in the opposite sex may crop up earlier than you may wish, yet after a possible early fling or two, they'll be very keen to find The One. Mars in Scorpio babies have amazing sense for the truth - they're born detectives so you'll have to tell them the unvarnished truth (as excruciating as it might be - and don't worry, they can handle the truth!) or they just won't trust you. Ever again. And oh yes, they can hold a grudge...

Baby Virgos born now also have the witty placement of Jupiter in Gemini which suggests they will lurrrve to chat, talk, gossip, read and get all the information they can get their hands on. Expect a massive phone bill! Many of them will work in media or sales. Those born around 7-9 September will be particularly prone to talking things up and to over-promising thanks to squares to the Sun and Mercury in Virgo from Jupiter.

All Virgos born now share the final days of Saturn in Libra. This serious yet still highly fortunate placement indicates a search for a partner of substance, possibly older, who may come later in life. This can be an extreme position where the kids get married very young, or they wait until they're in the late 30s or older to really settle down. All of them are afraid of being lonely yet afraid they're "less" - or just as bad, "better" - than others.

Virgo babies born 23 August-7 September enjoy the sweet-hearted, sensiitive nature of Venus in Cancer so their feelings for home and family are strong and they are very "thingy" about their room and possessions. They can, however, turn to food for comfort.

Those born from 7 August onwards share the showbizzy style of Venus in Leo. Much more outgoing than the typical Virgo, they want all the attention on them. Fortunately, they're warm-hearted, generous and inclusive so most people will forgive their little displays of vanity. As worldly as they may hope to appear, they are surprisingly child-like and trusting, and you can expect many, many tears when their first, second, third, fourth, fifth romance (you get the picture) don't work out. Those born on or around 13 September are particularly exciting, stimulating and vibrant company and love people who are a bit "different".

Like to know more about your gorgeous little bundle?  A BabyStars Astrology Report or our brand new DIY Kit could be just what you're looking for!

x Meagan x


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Monday, July 30 2012
 If you or one of your friends is due to have a little Lion in the next few weeks, find out what they’ll be like!

Little Leos born 23 July to 7 August
 are blessed with the bright, sparkly combination of Sun and Mercury in Leo, Venus and Jupiter in Gemini, Mars and Saturn in Libra, and Uranus in Aries, making them highly social creatures, with only the soulful Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn to give them depth and focus.

Those born in the last week of July are particularly lucky throughout life, with a Jupiter-Uranus sextile (21 July),  providing ingenuity and enthusiasm,  a Mercury-Mars sextile (22 July) giving a doer AND a thinker, a Mercury-Jupiter sextile (24 July), suggesting big thinking, a Mercury-Uranus trine (25 July) offering brilliance and innovation, a Sun-Mercury conjunction (28 July) for confidence, a Sun-Uranus trine (31 July) for unconventionality, a Vemus-Saturn  trine (31 July), offering relationship stability and in close promixity, a Sun-Jupiter sextile (2 August), making them fun and big-hearted.

With all these planetary blessings, you will need to teach them to be as humble as possible (not easy for a Leo!) to ward off jealousy from others. All of them, however, have Mercury retrograde in Leo which points to them needing some early tutoring; overall, this group sees the world very differently.

Baby Leos born from 7 August onwards have the nurturing, gentle Venus in Cancer which will make them more home-loving, and emotionally more sensitive than those born before. On 8 August, Mercury turns direct, which does make it easier for comprehension, learning, schoolwork and homework. On 9 August, beautiful Venus trines soulful Neptune, giving these children immense compassion, imagination, sensitivity, humility and kindness. The energies of some of the late- July aspects dissipates now but will still be there, in the background, as qualities which show up once you have gotten to know this kids very well.

Lion cubs born from 15-22 August share some equally difficult and wonderful aspects. On 15 August an ugly Venus-Pluto opposition will challenge these kids not to be controlling – yet not to be controlled – in relationships. Jealousy is all-too-common now. Take careful note of the groups your children become part of; it could be easy for them to get in with a questionable crowd. However, they may use their commonsense: a powerful same-day Mars-Saturn conjunction makes them hard-working and naturally self-disciplined, even a little hard on themselves. The erratic and commitment-phobic Venus-Uranus square on 16 August may make it hard for them to settle – or settle down. But this is lightened by a parade of beneficial aspects, one after the other, much the same as those born in late July. This includes a Sun-Saturn sextile (17 August) putting an old head on young shoulders, a Mercury-Uranus trine (18 August) offering brilliance and innovation, a Sun-Mars sextile (20 August) for leadership ability, and a Mercury-Jupiter sextile (22 August) giving a sense of fun and exploration.

 Like to know more about your gorgeous little bundle?  A BabyStars Astrology Report or our brand new DIY Kit could be just what you're looking for!

x Meagan x

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Thursday, June 21 2012

Cancer babies are notoriously clingy, shy and sensitive to their environment. But that's just their Sun sign, and if if all the other planets are elsewhere, they could be very different indeed! What's your little Crabbie going to be like?

The Sun enters Cancer late on 20 June in the northern hemisphere, early on 21 June in the southern. Those born right at the beginning of this period receive the always-exciting, charisma-charged combination of Venus sextile Uranus occurring late 20 July/early 21 July, followed up by Mercury in Cancer sextile Mars in Virgo, suggesting a hard-working, efficient, DIY fan. Very late on 23 June/early 24 June is a gorgeous, soulful Sun in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces, giving your child a real spiritual, gentle. altruistic side. You will have to ask him/her to Do The Right Thing because this is followed by up a unbelievably awkward Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn on 24 June which is going to affect all babies born between now and the next two or so years. These two slow-moving planets are the heavenly equivalent of a teenager rebelling constantly against their much older, wealthier and very powerful parent. For good measure, Jupiter in Gemini squares Neptune on 25 June, which usually suggests over-promises and under-delivery, as well as misguided faith and naivity.

If your child becomes the social director to the stars, don't be surprised. Notwithstanding the struggles that a Uranus-square-Pluto signature will provide, the personalities of those born 28 June to 5 July 2012 are coloured by the very charming, airy quartet of Venus and Jupiter in Gemini, a suave Mars in Libra from 3 July and from 27 June, Saturn in Libra in direct motion (at last). If that wasn't enough on its own (and it is), they enjoy wonderful aspects including Mercury in showy Leo sextile Venus in witty Gemini (a real Mae West combo, if there was ever one!) and Mercury trine independently minded Uranus in Aries on 4 July, and the always-exciting, charisma-charged combination of Venus sextile Uranus occuring late 4 July (in the northern hemisphere) or 5 July in the southern. Those born on the Full Moon of 3 July will have a tough inner core, thanks to a near-conjunction of the Moon with powerful Pluto.

Babies born 6 July to 13 July 2012 have all of the above four air planet combinations but interestingly there are no major aspects occurring during this week. Those born closer to 6 July will possess all the charm and social ease of the previous week's babies - but it will cast a light blessing over these little ones born at the end of the week too. One thing these babies will have in their charts is Uranus in Aries slowing down to go retrograde on 13 July. Now as Uranus rules rebellion, shock, electricity and general bolshie-ness, and anything retrograde reduces, delays and makes one re-consider their behaviour, you will most probably welcome this softer approach, especially when they reach teenage years.

Like a double shot of fairy dust, babies born 14 July to 22 July also receive the lovely Mercury sextile Venus aspect, promising grace, popularity and charm galore. These little ones have Mercury in Leo retrograde as of 14 July which tones down Leo's innate egotism and boastfulness. But coupled with a Sun square Saturn aspect on the same day, they may feel shy about speaking out if they don't know exactly what they're talking about. Family responsibilities may be heavy on this group which may cause them to rebel - and how! 17 July features action-oriented Mars trining Jupiter (the go-for-broke approach) but also Mars square Pluto in Capricorn which virtually guarantees power struggles and control issues if you're not careful, followed up  on 18 July by the Mars opposite Uranus shocker, which will require your calm, gently restraining hand. Tempers could flare oh-so-easily with this crowd. Give 'em plenty of rest, vitamin B and teach the art of compromise. (Or try to). At the tail end of Cancer on 21 July is the optimism and open-mindedness created by Jupiter sextile Uranus and then the immense mental energy of Mercury sextile Mars on 22 July when the Sun has just arrived in Leo.

Like to know more about your gorgeous little bundle?  A BabyStars Astrology Report or our brand new DIY Kit could be just what you're looking for!

x Meagan x

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Thursday, June 21 2012

Are you or one of your friends expecting a talkative bundle of joy? See what this year’s crop of Gemini babies are like!

Babies born 20-24 May are a fun, optimistic bunch born with those on 21 May sharing a sparkling New Moon in Gemini making them alert, early readers who may find it hard to sleep at first. Mercury (communication) is in Taurus (money, luxuries, possessions), conjuncting Jupiter, the planet who expands everything he touches. They will never have “enough” as far as they’re concerned. Be prepared for some schoolyard boasts and some pie-in-the-sky schemes. Speaking of schemes, make sure you clarify that lying is clearly a no-no in your family as a tricky Sun square Neptune lends itself to over-imagination at best, but outright dishonesty at worst.

Tiny Twins born 25-31 May share Mercury in Gemini, which also squares with Neptune on 25 May, producing poets, photographers and plenty of “the dog ate my homework” style excuses. These may be the most intensely intelligent kids however, also enjoying Sun conjunct Mercury (they get things very quickly) on 27 May, the Sun AND Mercury sextiling Uranus on 28 May which guarantees they’ll have a fresh, innnovative perspective on life (and lots of friends), and Mercury square Mars on 31 May which suggests they fly off the handle rather too freely and can be quick to lose their temper. However, they have mental energy to spare…

Those little ones born in the second decan of Gemini (1-10 June), which is ruled by Venus, are certainly the biggest romantics of Geminis born this year. All Geminis share a retrograde Venus in Gemini pattern but the charmers born 2 June have a lovely Mercury conjunct Venus in Gemini which guarantees they’ll always say the right thing, and will rarely be without a partner. For the most part, they’re good at cooperating and work well in team, with Mercury trine Saturn on 4 June aiding long-term planning. But they also share a spiky Venus square Mars aspect on 4 June which means they can be sharp-tongued and hyper-critical of loved ones. The very next day, a lovely Sun-Venus conjunction restores charm, and reduces some of that prior day’s bite. Geminis born on 8 June have sensitive Mercury in Cancer, making their home and family a priority. But those born 8 July won’t shy from a fight with Sun squaring Mars. Take care they don’t act over-aggressive if they want to remain well-liked. This however, may be toned down with a gorgeous Mercury trine Neptune on 9 June which boosts kindness, consideration, soulfulness and even intuition.

Geminis born from 11-21 June are born with Jupiter in Gemini. They love reading and learning and may drive you crazy with their penchant for jokes (including practical). They can have emotional outbursts a little too readily thanks to Mercury squaring Uranus the same day. Part of them wants to play happy families, the other, the teen rebel, and those two characters don’t tend to mix so easily. You also must be aware of a tendency to hold grudges and remain resentful (especially when you’ve laid down the law) with Mercury opposing Pluto also on 11 June. Future bosses will sense such recalcitrance and may hesitate to employ them; some Geminis born now are best working for themselves.  They’ll have the disclipline to run their own show thanks to Sun trine Saturn on 13 June; try not to let them take rejection too badly with the hyper-sensitive Mercury-Saturn square on 20 June.

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Saturday, April 07 2012

It seems that I haven't even scoffed all my Easter Eggs yet (maybe a good thing??) and here we are, already thrust into the busy-ness of Mother's Day and all the amazing stories it brings!

If you're reading this blog post because you're looking for a unique and personal Mother's Day Gift, then welcome!  You've arrived at a very good place :-)

Whether you're saying a big 'thank you' to the most important woman in your life or rewarding yourself for surviving the past crazy 12 months (correct me if I'm wrong but it doesn't appear to be slowing down as the kids grow older, more like just getting more hectic?!), you're sure to find something just perfect amid our page of have-to-have Mother's Day presents.

shop now for Mother's Day Gifts

Don't forget that all jewellery orders over $150.00 receive free Express Post shipping Australia-wide!

Happy shopping Gorgeous Mummy!

x Meagan x


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Tuesday, April 03 2012

Do you know a little baby being born in the next four weeks? What’s your little Aries going to be like?

Babies born in the first two weeks of Aries (21 March-4 April) will have Mercury retrograde, a placement which tends to interrupt and impact their schooling and learning ability in some way. They may find it hard to concentrate, have poor recall for things that don’t interest them (ie grammar, maths etc) but amazing focus on things that others miss. They’re reflective and sensitive with those born 23 March-17 April with Mercury in kindly Pisces highly attuned to people’s thoughts and feelings.

Babies born 21-28 March are highly intelligent and enthusiastic types who charge in where angels fear to tread with a Sun-Mercury-Uranus pattern. Anything that’s new or untried is a magnet for them. They’re rebel against authority and established patterns of doing things so their teen years could be interesting. They’re actually rather lucky though, protected by guardian angels and travelling overseas will be good for their spiritual development in ways you cannot imagine.

Those born 29 March-5 April could have a love life with twists and turns to rival Liz Taylor’s! They blend social ease and popularity thanks to Mercury-Venus, and a certain ability to attract friends with money, and yet they have a surprising possessiveness about their companions with Venus squaring Pluto. These guys will fall hard – and deeply – in romantic liaisons. In some ways, they are ready to settle down far earlier than the objects of their affections are and there could be some tears. Love is certainly a major feature of those born at the end of this week with the third major aspect being Venus squaring Neptune on 5 April. Expect your little one to have a massive case of rose-coloured glasses. You will need to teach them about style vs substance because they will be all too inclined to fall for a beautiful face and/or glamorous packaging.

Aries born 6-13 April will find school and learning easier than those born in the two weeks prior as Mercury in Pisces goes direct on 6 April. If they have a “feeling” about someone, pay attention: they’ll be spot on. Those born on 6 April have the Full Moon signature, making them unwilling to be on their own, they must always have a companion. With Venus square Mars on 7 April, they could have some on-off relationships, being especially likely, once they’re older, to have romances with work colleagues and suppliers. A sparkling Venus sextile Uranus on 9 April though, makes them popular and at the top of everyone’s invitation list.

Those born in the last week (14-20 April) will seem older than their years with a Sun opposite Saturn aspect, making them take on responsibilities and adult-sized burdens at a very young age. They can struggle with feeling dull and rigid; help them lighten up and not take everything so seriously. They could be either commitment-phobes or find their life partner in their 20s – or both! They will need a lot of convincing to put all their trust in one person. Like first-week Aries, they too will have amazing offers and opportunities come to them via foreign-born people and overseas travel. Introduce them early to reading about the wider world, in fact, they may have a real talent for writing.

For all Aries born in 2012 with Mars in Virgo, the best way for them to burn off frustration is with a run around the park or the gym. Fussy eaters as children, they’re inclined to take good care of their health once they hit puberty.

Thanks so much again to Elizabeth from It's In the Stars Online for her truly insightful and very interesting look into the souls of all our recent newborns!

BabyStars DIY Kits!  Fantastic gift ideas for a new baby, birthday, christening, engagement, Mother's Day, or wedding!  At $59, they are half the price of the full-service luxury reports! STAY TUNED!
Ok.  Nodding off at the keyboard so it's good night from me in preparation of some fast-paced East Hat Parade building in the early hours before daycare in the morning.  I'm tired already....
x Meagan x
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Thursday, February 23 2012
What’s your little Pisces baby like? Read on to find out!

Babies born 19-26 February are highly sensitive creatures with Neptune, their ruler, newly arrived in Pisces for the first time in living history. As this mystical planet conjuncts the Sun on 19 February and the New Moon on 21 February (northern hemisphere) or 22 February (southern hemisphere), their highly attuned psychic antenna is switched on, all the time. They will really need time out to relax as they soak up so much energy from others. Speaking of energy, a Mercury opposite Mars aspect on 23 February doesn’t make them shy, but it might make them passive-aggressive. They swing between being gently-spoken to being surprisingly harshly critical and even as a baby, they may occasionally have a Nanna-style tantrum. At the end of this week is a lovely Sun sextile Jupiter aspect which gives them plenty of opportunities to make money, especially if it helps others.

Those born 27 February to 4 March are keen to transform the world for the better, thanks to Sun sextile Pluto on 28 February, and if they’re born earlier in the week, they’ll receive some of the Midas touch of the week prior’s Sun-Jupiter aspect. This group includes the rare Leap Year kids with birthdays on 29 February where, officially, they turn one in four years’ time! Magically, they can nominate whichever date nearby suits them for their “other” birthdays. This week’s Sun opposite Mars babies have real leadership ability, once they have harnessed their impatience and direction as well as an occasionally crippling sense of inferiority, thanks to the Venus opposite Saturn aspect on 4 March. They see the end game but will need your help to understand how to help others. They may well be attracted to older partners; most of them will take love very seriously, which makes them unlikely to have casual relationships, preferring one long-term companion.

You’ll think your baby born 5-11 March could read from birth! They’re likely to be this month’s earliest talkers with an intellectually bold and brilliant Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries on 5 March, making them think – and speak – at a million miles an hour. They may show an early interest in aviation, astrology, astronomy, physics, science or technology. While all of them are sweethearts, with a lovely Venus sextile Neptune on 6 March which blesses them romantically and makes them incredibly kind and gentle with others, those born at the start of this week will have the Venus-Saturn aspect deepening their sensitivity to rejection. Teach them to “let go” when the time comes. There are no other major aspects this week other than the Full Moon on 8 March which will give those born on this day some challenges with clarifying their goals in life.

Some of the most charismatic children ever could be born 12-20 March this year. The week starts with a big-scale Jupiter trine Pluto trine on 12 March which is the type of aspect made for benevolent powerbrokers. Then 13 March features an incredibly moving Venus trine Pluto aspect which is the stuff of romantic novels. Your kids will know when they have met The One – and it could be at a surprisingly young age. The action-packed 14 March has Venus conjunct Jupiter, Venus trine Mars, Mars trine Jupiter and Mars trine Pluto which is just an extraordinary planetary line-up. They are blessed with incredible luck, charm, sex appeal, drive, tenacity, money-making ability and ambition. Since others will have to struggle hard to enjoy what they take for granted, as a result, they could be upset by others’ envy. You might want to read them the fairy tales where the heroes and heroines who are the most blessed by good fortune must also be the most humble.

As always, thank you to Elizabeth from It's In The Stars for the amazing and insightful work she does with her astrology readings and reports!  Don't forget our full BabyStars reports are available right here for lightning fast delivery... the perfect last minute gift for a New Baby or when you're not sure what to get for a Christening!

 x Meagan x

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