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 Meagan's Musings... A Blog 
Tuesday, October 02 2012
If you’re having a Libran baby, what will your little cherub be like?

Baby Librans born in 2012 will basically be one of two types: those born with Saturn in Libra, and those with Saturn in Scorpio, as of 6 October 2012. Saturn, which spends 2-3 years in each sign creates mini-generational differences in people. He is the planet of responsibility, commitment and endurance. At his best in Libra, the sign of love and beauty, your child has to take responsibility for his or her use of charm and recognise how it affects others, and to commit to relationships, even if the search takes a little longer than usual.

On the other hand, those born 6 October onwards share Saturn in Scorpio. Here, he demands resourcefulness, restrained sexiness (you won’t have to worry about sleazy hook-ups here so much, for example) and they learn to use their tremendous psychological insights into others with care.

Babies born in the first week of Libra (23-31 September) are a much fierier bunch than you’d expect and you’d better get some training now in hostage negotiation! Venus in showy Leo makes them demand attention and squaring Mars in sexy Scorpio on 27 September, they jump to conclusions when someone flirts with them, and don’t take kindly to disloyalty or even the idea that some relationships have an expiry date. They’re also highly affected by the tough Uranus-Pluto square on 19 September that pits youth against authority, innovation against control and which makes them likely to argue with anyone older or in charge all their life. Added to that, they’re surprisingly uncompromising and brutal-talking for a Libran, with Mercury opposite Uranus (20 September), Mercury square Pluto (21 September), Sun square Pluto (29 September), and Sun opposite Uranus (30 September) on the same day as an awkward, my-way-or-else Full Moon. Thank goodness they have a fun, open-hearted Mercury in Libra trine Jupiter in Gemini aspect to soften some of this on 26 September and for the earlier-born Librans, a sweeter-natured side with Venus sextile Jupiter that aids popularity. But malleable, they ain’t.

Babies born in the first week of October are much calmer, and quite intuitive bunch. Venus moves to Virgo on 3 October, but not before blessing those born 1-2 October with a Venus sextile Saturn aspect which will help them make wise choices about partners and peers which is good as the next day, on 3 October the Venus opposite Neptune aspect gives them a classic case of rose-tinted glasses and they could take supporting the underdog a bit too far. Mercury conjunct Saturn on 5 October puts an old head on young shoulders; these are serious folks! Dreamy Neptune crops up again trining Mercury on 6 October (giving a beautiful imagination, artistic ability and kindness) but squaring Mars on 7 October, an aspect which can sap their energy and drive and/or have them “escape” through dubious means if you don’t pay attention.

Those born 8-14 October have queued twice in the line for wonderful aspects. They’re passionate souls (Venus trine Pluto) and enthusiastic and popular (Sun trine Jupiter) with both aspects occurring on 9 October. They’re also highly focused (Mercury sextile Pluto – on the 10th), keen to make the world a better place through constructive efforts (Saturn trine Neptune – 11th), and charming and well-mannered (Mercury sextile Venus – 12th). With such heavenly fortunes bestowed upon them, you may need to teach them that life is not so easy for everyone else.

Babies born in the final week of Libra are similarly blessed with the only planetary fly in the ointment being a Venus square Jupiter aspect on 17 October which can make them a little too fond of the good life, never knowing when enough is enough. Over-promising will get them into trouble so try and curb that early. On the same day as the New Moon (15 October) there is a terrific Mars trine Uranus aspect which can create inventors, techie gurus, scientists and astrologers! They strive to innovate. Within this period also is Mercury sextile Venus (16 October) which provides social savoir faire and popularity: they know how to make others feel good about themselves.

Like to know more about your gorgeous little bundle?  A BabyStars Astrology Report or DIY Kit could be just what you’re looking for!

x Meagan x

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