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 Meagan's Musings... A Blog 
Monday, July 30 2012
 If you or one of your friends is due to have a little Lion in the next few weeks, find out what they’ll be like!

Little Leos born 23 July to 7 August
 are blessed with the bright, sparkly combination of Sun and Mercury in Leo, Venus and Jupiter in Gemini, Mars and Saturn in Libra, and Uranus in Aries, making them highly social creatures, with only the soulful Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn to give them depth and focus.

Those born in the last week of July are particularly lucky throughout life, with a Jupiter-Uranus sextile (21 July),  providing ingenuity and enthusiasm,  a Mercury-Mars sextile (22 July) giving a doer AND a thinker, a Mercury-Jupiter sextile (24 July), suggesting big thinking, a Mercury-Uranus trine (25 July) offering brilliance and innovation, a Sun-Mercury conjunction (28 July) for confidence, a Sun-Uranus trine (31 July) for unconventionality, a Vemus-Saturn  trine (31 July), offering relationship stability and in close promixity, a Sun-Jupiter sextile (2 August), making them fun and big-hearted.

With all these planetary blessings, you will need to teach them to be as humble as possible (not easy for a Leo!) to ward off jealousy from others. All of them, however, have Mercury retrograde in Leo which points to them needing some early tutoring; overall, this group sees the world very differently.

Baby Leos born from 7 August onwards have the nurturing, gentle Venus in Cancer which will make them more home-loving, and emotionally more sensitive than those born before. On 8 August, Mercury turns direct, which does make it easier for comprehension, learning, schoolwork and homework. On 9 August, beautiful Venus trines soulful Neptune, giving these children immense compassion, imagination, sensitivity, humility and kindness. The energies of some of the late- July aspects dissipates now but will still be there, in the background, as qualities which show up once you have gotten to know this kids very well.

Lion cubs born from 15-22 August share some equally difficult and wonderful aspects. On 15 August an ugly Venus-Pluto opposition will challenge these kids not to be controlling – yet not to be controlled – in relationships. Jealousy is all-too-common now. Take careful note of the groups your children become part of; it could be easy for them to get in with a questionable crowd. However, they may use their commonsense: a powerful same-day Mars-Saturn conjunction makes them hard-working and naturally self-disciplined, even a little hard on themselves. The erratic and commitment-phobic Venus-Uranus square on 16 August may make it hard for them to settle – or settle down. But this is lightened by a parade of beneficial aspects, one after the other, much the same as those born in late July. This includes a Sun-Saturn sextile (17 August) putting an old head on young shoulders, a Mercury-Uranus trine (18 August) offering brilliance and innovation, a Sun-Mars sextile (20 August) for leadership ability, and a Mercury-Jupiter sextile (22 August) giving a sense of fun and exploration.

 Like to know more about your gorgeous little bundle?  A BabyStars Astrology Report or our brand new DIY Kit could be just what you're looking for!

x Meagan x

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