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 Meagan's Musings... A Blog 
Wednesday, September 19 2012
 If you have a little Virgo baby or know a friend or family who's due to have to one shortly, read on about their personality!

All babies born during this time share Mars in Scorpio. This passionate planet gives a lot more "oomph", a lot more libido, and a lot more strength of will to the typically modest, flexible Virgo. Their interest in the opposite sex may crop up earlier than you may wish, yet after a possible early fling or two, they'll be very keen to find The One. Mars in Scorpio babies have amazing sense for the truth - they're born detectives so you'll have to tell them the unvarnished truth (as excruciating as it might be - and don't worry, they can handle the truth!) or they just won't trust you. Ever again. And oh yes, they can hold a grudge...

Baby Virgos born now also have the witty placement of Jupiter in Gemini which suggests they will lurrrve to chat, talk, gossip, read and get all the information they can get their hands on. Expect a massive phone bill! Many of them will work in media or sales. Those born around 7-9 September will be particularly prone to talking things up and to over-promising thanks to squares to the Sun and Mercury in Virgo from Jupiter.

All Virgos born now share the final days of Saturn in Libra. This serious yet still highly fortunate placement indicates a search for a partner of substance, possibly older, who may come later in life. This can be an extreme position where the kids get married very young, or they wait until they're in the late 30s or older to really settle down. All of them are afraid of being lonely yet afraid they're "less" - or just as bad, "better" - than others.

Virgo babies born 23 August-7 September enjoy the sweet-hearted, sensiitive nature of Venus in Cancer so their feelings for home and family are strong and they are very "thingy" about their room and possessions. They can, however, turn to food for comfort.

Those born from 7 August onwards share the showbizzy style of Venus in Leo. Much more outgoing than the typical Virgo, they want all the attention on them. Fortunately, they're warm-hearted, generous and inclusive so most people will forgive their little displays of vanity. As worldly as they may hope to appear, they are surprisingly child-like and trusting, and you can expect many, many tears when their first, second, third, fourth, fifth romance (you get the picture) don't work out. Those born on or around 13 September are particularly exciting, stimulating and vibrant company and love people who are a bit "different".

Like to know more about your gorgeous little bundle?  A BabyStars Astrology Report or our brand new DIY Kit could be just what you're looking for!

x Meagan x


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