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 Meagan's Musings... A Blog 
Thursday, June 21 2012

Cancer babies are notoriously clingy, shy and sensitive to their environment. But that's just their Sun sign, and if if all the other planets are elsewhere, they could be very different indeed! What's your little Crabbie going to be like?

The Sun enters Cancer late on 20 June in the northern hemisphere, early on 21 June in the southern. Those born right at the beginning of this period receive the always-exciting, charisma-charged combination of Venus sextile Uranus occurring late 20 July/early 21 July, followed up by Mercury in Cancer sextile Mars in Virgo, suggesting a hard-working, efficient, DIY fan. Very late on 23 June/early 24 June is a gorgeous, soulful Sun in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces, giving your child a real spiritual, gentle. altruistic side. You will have to ask him/her to Do The Right Thing because this is followed by up a unbelievably awkward Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn on 24 June which is going to affect all babies born between now and the next two or so years. These two slow-moving planets are the heavenly equivalent of a teenager rebelling constantly against their much older, wealthier and very powerful parent. For good measure, Jupiter in Gemini squares Neptune on 25 June, which usually suggests over-promises and under-delivery, as well as misguided faith and naivity.

If your child becomes the social director to the stars, don't be surprised. Notwithstanding the struggles that a Uranus-square-Pluto signature will provide, the personalities of those born 28 June to 5 July 2012 are coloured by the very charming, airy quartet of Venus and Jupiter in Gemini, a suave Mars in Libra from 3 July and from 27 June, Saturn in Libra in direct motion (at last). If that wasn't enough on its own (and it is), they enjoy wonderful aspects including Mercury in showy Leo sextile Venus in witty Gemini (a real Mae West combo, if there was ever one!) and Mercury trine independently minded Uranus in Aries on 4 July, and the always-exciting, charisma-charged combination of Venus sextile Uranus occuring late 4 July (in the northern hemisphere) or 5 July in the southern. Those born on the Full Moon of 3 July will have a tough inner core, thanks to a near-conjunction of the Moon with powerful Pluto.

Babies born 6 July to 13 July 2012 have all of the above four air planet combinations but interestingly there are no major aspects occurring during this week. Those born closer to 6 July will possess all the charm and social ease of the previous week's babies - but it will cast a light blessing over these little ones born at the end of the week too. One thing these babies will have in their charts is Uranus in Aries slowing down to go retrograde on 13 July. Now as Uranus rules rebellion, shock, electricity and general bolshie-ness, and anything retrograde reduces, delays and makes one re-consider their behaviour, you will most probably welcome this softer approach, especially when they reach teenage years.

Like a double shot of fairy dust, babies born 14 July to 22 July also receive the lovely Mercury sextile Venus aspect, promising grace, popularity and charm galore. These little ones have Mercury in Leo retrograde as of 14 July which tones down Leo's innate egotism and boastfulness. But coupled with a Sun square Saturn aspect on the same day, they may feel shy about speaking out if they don't know exactly what they're talking about. Family responsibilities may be heavy on this group which may cause them to rebel - and how! 17 July features action-oriented Mars trining Jupiter (the go-for-broke approach) but also Mars square Pluto in Capricorn which virtually guarantees power struggles and control issues if you're not careful, followed up  on 18 July by the Mars opposite Uranus shocker, which will require your calm, gently restraining hand. Tempers could flare oh-so-easily with this crowd. Give 'em plenty of rest, vitamin B and teach the art of compromise. (Or try to). At the tail end of Cancer on 21 July is the optimism and open-mindedness created by Jupiter sextile Uranus and then the immense mental energy of Mercury sextile Mars on 22 July when the Sun has just arrived in Leo.

Like to know more about your gorgeous little bundle?  A BabyStars Astrology Report or our brand new DIY Kit could be just what you're looking for!

x Meagan x

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