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 Meagan's Musings... A Blog 
Thursday, June 21 2012

Are you or one of your friends expecting a talkative bundle of joy? See what this year’s crop of Gemini babies are like!

Babies born 20-24 May are a fun, optimistic bunch born with those on 21 May sharing a sparkling New Moon in Gemini making them alert, early readers who may find it hard to sleep at first. Mercury (communication) is in Taurus (money, luxuries, possessions), conjuncting Jupiter, the planet who expands everything he touches. They will never have “enough” as far as they’re concerned. Be prepared for some schoolyard boasts and some pie-in-the-sky schemes. Speaking of schemes, make sure you clarify that lying is clearly a no-no in your family as a tricky Sun square Neptune lends itself to over-imagination at best, but outright dishonesty at worst.

Tiny Twins born 25-31 May share Mercury in Gemini, which also squares with Neptune on 25 May, producing poets, photographers and plenty of “the dog ate my homework” style excuses. These may be the most intensely intelligent kids however, also enjoying Sun conjunct Mercury (they get things very quickly) on 27 May, the Sun AND Mercury sextiling Uranus on 28 May which guarantees they’ll have a fresh, innnovative perspective on life (and lots of friends), and Mercury square Mars on 31 May which suggests they fly off the handle rather too freely and can be quick to lose their temper. However, they have mental energy to spare…

Those little ones born in the second decan of Gemini (1-10 June), which is ruled by Venus, are certainly the biggest romantics of Geminis born this year. All Geminis share a retrograde Venus in Gemini pattern but the charmers born 2 June have a lovely Mercury conjunct Venus in Gemini which guarantees they’ll always say the right thing, and will rarely be without a partner. For the most part, they’re good at cooperating and work well in team, with Mercury trine Saturn on 4 June aiding long-term planning. But they also share a spiky Venus square Mars aspect on 4 June which means they can be sharp-tongued and hyper-critical of loved ones. The very next day, a lovely Sun-Venus conjunction restores charm, and reduces some of that prior day’s bite. Geminis born on 8 June have sensitive Mercury in Cancer, making their home and family a priority. But those born 8 July won’t shy from a fight with Sun squaring Mars. Take care they don’t act over-aggressive if they want to remain well-liked. This however, may be toned down with a gorgeous Mercury trine Neptune on 9 June which boosts kindness, consideration, soulfulness and even intuition.

Geminis born from 11-21 June are born with Jupiter in Gemini. They love reading and learning and may drive you crazy with their penchant for jokes (including practical). They can have emotional outbursts a little too readily thanks to Mercury squaring Uranus the same day. Part of them wants to play happy families, the other, the teen rebel, and those two characters don’t tend to mix so easily. You also must be aware of a tendency to hold grudges and remain resentful (especially when you’ve laid down the law) with Mercury opposing Pluto also on 11 June. Future bosses will sense such recalcitrance and may hesitate to employ them; some Geminis born now are best working for themselves.  They’ll have the disclipline to run their own show thanks to Sun trine Saturn on 13 June; try not to let them take rejection too badly with the hyper-sensitive Mercury-Saturn square on 20 June.

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