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 Meagan's Musings... A Blog 
Tuesday, April 03 2012

Do you know a little baby being born in the next four weeks? What’s your little Aries going to be like?

Babies born in the first two weeks of Aries (21 March-4 April) will have Mercury retrograde, a placement which tends to interrupt and impact their schooling and learning ability in some way. They may find it hard to concentrate, have poor recall for things that don’t interest them (ie grammar, maths etc) but amazing focus on things that others miss. They’re reflective and sensitive with those born 23 March-17 April with Mercury in kindly Pisces highly attuned to people’s thoughts and feelings.

Babies born 21-28 March are highly intelligent and enthusiastic types who charge in where angels fear to tread with a Sun-Mercury-Uranus pattern. Anything that’s new or untried is a magnet for them. They’re rebel against authority and established patterns of doing things so their teen years could be interesting. They’re actually rather lucky though, protected by guardian angels and travelling overseas will be good for their spiritual development in ways you cannot imagine.

Those born 29 March-5 April could have a love life with twists and turns to rival Liz Taylor’s! They blend social ease and popularity thanks to Mercury-Venus, and a certain ability to attract friends with money, and yet they have a surprising possessiveness about their companions with Venus squaring Pluto. These guys will fall hard – and deeply – in romantic liaisons. In some ways, they are ready to settle down far earlier than the objects of their affections are and there could be some tears. Love is certainly a major feature of those born at the end of this week with the third major aspect being Venus squaring Neptune on 5 April. Expect your little one to have a massive case of rose-coloured glasses. You will need to teach them about style vs substance because they will be all too inclined to fall for a beautiful face and/or glamorous packaging.

Aries born 6-13 April will find school and learning easier than those born in the two weeks prior as Mercury in Pisces goes direct on 6 April. If they have a “feeling” about someone, pay attention: they’ll be spot on. Those born on 6 April have the Full Moon signature, making them unwilling to be on their own, they must always have a companion. With Venus square Mars on 7 April, they could have some on-off relationships, being especially likely, once they’re older, to have romances with work colleagues and suppliers. A sparkling Venus sextile Uranus on 9 April though, makes them popular and at the top of everyone’s invitation list.

Those born in the last week (14-20 April) will seem older than their years with a Sun opposite Saturn aspect, making them take on responsibilities and adult-sized burdens at a very young age. They can struggle with feeling dull and rigid; help them lighten up and not take everything so seriously. They could be either commitment-phobes or find their life partner in their 20s – or both! They will need a lot of convincing to put all their trust in one person. Like first-week Aries, they too will have amazing offers and opportunities come to them via foreign-born people and overseas travel. Introduce them early to reading about the wider world, in fact, they may have a real talent for writing.

For all Aries born in 2012 with Mars in Virgo, the best way for them to burn off frustration is with a run around the park or the gym. Fussy eaters as children, they’re inclined to take good care of their health once they hit puberty.

Thanks so much again to Elizabeth from It's In the Stars Online for her truly insightful and very interesting look into the souls of all our recent newborns!

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Ok.  Nodding off at the keyboard so it's good night from me in preparation of some fast-paced East Hat Parade building in the early hours before daycare in the morning.  I'm tired already....
x Meagan x
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