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 Meagan's Musings... A Blog 
Thursday, February 23 2012
What’s your little Pisces baby like? Read on to find out!

Babies born 19-26 February are highly sensitive creatures with Neptune, their ruler, newly arrived in Pisces for the first time in living history. As this mystical planet conjuncts the Sun on 19 February and the New Moon on 21 February (northern hemisphere) or 22 February (southern hemisphere), their highly attuned psychic antenna is switched on, all the time. They will really need time out to relax as they soak up so much energy from others. Speaking of energy, a Mercury opposite Mars aspect on 23 February doesn’t make them shy, but it might make them passive-aggressive. They swing between being gently-spoken to being surprisingly harshly critical and even as a baby, they may occasionally have a Nanna-style tantrum. At the end of this week is a lovely Sun sextile Jupiter aspect which gives them plenty of opportunities to make money, especially if it helps others.

Those born 27 February to 4 March are keen to transform the world for the better, thanks to Sun sextile Pluto on 28 February, and if they’re born earlier in the week, they’ll receive some of the Midas touch of the week prior’s Sun-Jupiter aspect. This group includes the rare Leap Year kids with birthdays on 29 February where, officially, they turn one in four years’ time! Magically, they can nominate whichever date nearby suits them for their “other” birthdays. This week’s Sun opposite Mars babies have real leadership ability, once they have harnessed their impatience and direction as well as an occasionally crippling sense of inferiority, thanks to the Venus opposite Saturn aspect on 4 March. They see the end game but will need your help to understand how to help others. They may well be attracted to older partners; most of them will take love very seriously, which makes them unlikely to have casual relationships, preferring one long-term companion.

You’ll think your baby born 5-11 March could read from birth! They’re likely to be this month’s earliest talkers with an intellectually bold and brilliant Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries on 5 March, making them think – and speak – at a million miles an hour. They may show an early interest in aviation, astrology, astronomy, physics, science or technology. While all of them are sweethearts, with a lovely Venus sextile Neptune on 6 March which blesses them romantically and makes them incredibly kind and gentle with others, those born at the start of this week will have the Venus-Saturn aspect deepening their sensitivity to rejection. Teach them to “let go” when the time comes. There are no other major aspects this week other than the Full Moon on 8 March which will give those born on this day some challenges with clarifying their goals in life.

Some of the most charismatic children ever could be born 12-20 March this year. The week starts with a big-scale Jupiter trine Pluto trine on 12 March which is the type of aspect made for benevolent powerbrokers. Then 13 March features an incredibly moving Venus trine Pluto aspect which is the stuff of romantic novels. Your kids will know when they have met The One – and it could be at a surprisingly young age. The action-packed 14 March has Venus conjunct Jupiter, Venus trine Mars, Mars trine Jupiter and Mars trine Pluto which is just an extraordinary planetary line-up. They are blessed with incredible luck, charm, sex appeal, drive, tenacity, money-making ability and ambition. Since others will have to struggle hard to enjoy what they take for granted, as a result, they could be upset by others’ envy. You might want to read them the fairy tales where the heroes and heroines who are the most blessed by good fortune must also be the most humble.

As always, thank you to Elizabeth from It's In The Stars for the amazing and insightful work she does with her astrology readings and reports!  Don't forget our full BabyStars reports are available right here for lightning fast delivery... the perfect last minute gift for a New Baby or when you're not sure what to get for a Christening!

 x Meagan x

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