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 Meagan's Musings... A Blog 
Thursday, January 12 2012
Your Capricorn Baby born 22 December 2011 to 21 January 2012

Capricorn babies born 22-31 December share a certain sweet-naturedness that makes them want to help others; they know what you’re feeling. In general, they’re feeling generous! They love life, they love people and they’re very, very popular and they just love a good time, especially if they can spend money – oh lordy how they light up around a credit card! Please do teach them how to save: in this respect, they will not be typical Cappies at all! They might have a kooky or eccentric edge, and they do seem rather “different” (in a nice way). Those born right towards the end of this week have a much tougher and more intense side to them, able to endure any knocks that life may kick their way but they’re also excellent judges of character.

If you have a kid (geddit – Capricorns are the goats and their children are...oh never mind) born 1-8 January, you will need to teach them the virtue of patience. They think – and act –  very, very quickly! Interestingly, those born in the first couple of days of January are unable to bear liars or fools and they will bluntly tell you if you’re wrong or making it up while those born towards the end have a softer, rather noble approach to communication, expecting the best of others, and will know the kinder, gentler way to achieve co-operation.

Those born 8-15 January seem to have been blessed with the fairy godmother wish of wonderful aspects throughout, making life a lot easier for them than the usual little Cappie who has to strive so hard to get ahead. They'll be quick-witted, very irreverent and enjoy a joke more than the typical Goat. Those born on the Full Moon of 9 January will have a lifelong balancing act between their commitments to their career and to their families. All of them have leadership ability to spare and you will notice how easy it is for them to summon other's co-operation - oh, and that goes for you, too. These guys want the real thing yet may have their hearts broken by those who would choose to take advantage of their loving natures. However,  it won't happen more than once as they're excellent judges of character and would make excellent detectives! Try to encourage them to openly share what they're thinking though as they may seem rather Machiavellian when they're actually just considering their options. Those born in this week, but especially towards 14 January love being in love and are going to be very, very popular!

Baby Goats born 15-21 January are still blessed with the gorgeous and highly sociable Venus-Jupiter sextile from the previous week although its power wanes at the end of this seven-day period. It is this bunch you will have to refrain from giving them too much responsibility as from an early age they could feel they have the weight of the world on their shoulders thanks to a Sun-Saturn square on 20 January. They tend to be defensive, always expecting to meet with disapproval, criticism or with crushing commitments. They fear upsetting authority figures yet also fear taking control in later life. You will actually not need to discipline these youngsters much at all as they are innately, ever-so-aware of right and wrong and hate to do the wrong thing. Make sure they have some light-hearted - although not idiotic - companions to keep them feeling cheerful. Since exercise is supposed to produce feel-good endorphins, making them run around the park with their own dog would be ideal. Did I mention how responsible they are - and feel? But they have plenty of charm to entice the opposite sex, don't worry about that, with plenty noticing this quiet-ish, potent character in the corner...

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A huge thanks again to Elizabeth from It's In The Stars Online for providing this fantastic info on our beautiful babies born under CAPRICORN!

As a new year dawns upon us, I wish you all the very best for a magical 2012... may it bring loads of love and happiness and especially for the parents of our newborn Jan/Feb babies, stay tuned for a lesson on your little Aquarian!

x Meagan x

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