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 Meagan's Musings... A Blog 
Saturday, November 26 2011

Know a very new kid on the block??

With thanks to the amazingly talented Elizabeth who creates our BabyStars Astrology reports, we are now able to bring you an exclusive horoscope blog post every month!  Grab a glimpse into what makes your precious baby tick and gain some insight into the classic characteristics of babies born during the different weeks throughout the current star sign.  Just what all Yummy Mummies need to know!

Today we are proud to introduce you to...


Your little Sagittarian baby is likely to be very funny, making you laugh from day one. But what else will he or she be like?

Sagittarians born 23-30 November are a lovely, loving bunch of kids. They always want the freedom to explore and you can anticipate with Venus in Sagittarius until 26 November they will be attracted to the exotic stranger across the room. They like a companion for life, and are very loyal to their friends. They have an electric air of energy about them and speaking of energy, they have immense capacity to lead and will work inordinate hours to extract the best from a project. They have a sweetness about them too which is quite touching and unexpected. Those born from 26 November onwards have Venus in Capricorn which suggests their need for social propriety clashes with their need for unconvenionality. They may dress sedately but have a wild-looking partner, for example. And with Venus trine Jupiter these sweethearts will always be protected by the good fortune fairy. Everyone loves them – and they’re not bad at making money, either!

Babies born 1-7 December pack quite a powerful emotional punch. With Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, love is supremely important to them; they will be quite intense about their loved ones, especially their partners. And they HATE to be “played”, I mean, they could take revenge if they hated their ex enough! These kids are possessive and jealous of losing another’s affections; teach them that not everyone is meant to be The One. Oh, and schedule that birds’n'bees talk early: they have a very high sex drive too to go along with their sizzling charisma. They may have to learn some lessons about controlling their temper or that they can’t get their own way all the time. Very bright, they won’t suffer fools – or bigots – gladly. Take them travelling from a very early age – they’ll love expanding their horizons and it will let them see a different side to the world.

Saggie babies born 8-15 December enjoy Uranus in Aries and then Mercury in Sagittarius going direct on 10 and 14 December respectively. They will be independent little souls, bright, inquisitive, willing to question authority and so quick to jump on a plane!  There are no major aspects during this week so those born earlier in the weeks will be earthy sensualists who want perfection and perhaps people to agree with them automatically! If they happen to be born on the Full Moon of 10 December they will benefit from a calm atmosphere, encouraged to count to ten and to listen to others. Those born towards the end of the week will receive a weakened dose of the Venus square Saturn aspect which tends to make poeple doubt their appeal and popularity. Be extra affectionate and tactile with these ones!

The last week’s crop of Sagittarian babies have an interesting mixed bag of aspects. Like those born the week before, they doubt their own lovability and may either delay their search for a partner until they feel more confident or seek an older partner who is less likely to play games. They have a quite a serious side for a Sagittarius and handle responsibilities maturely from a young age. In some respects, you won’t have to discipline them as much because they have an innate sense of the right thing to do. They’re also sweeth-natured, possessing goodwill, compassion and sensitivity in bucketloads. They do have a weakness for spending money however and may charm you – or is that disarm you? – with generous displays of affection (and laden shopping bags). Those born around 21 December have a sparkling electricity to them and they may fall in and out of love particularly with platonic pals. Expect to see an odd assortment of characters brought home!

Why not find out more about your child with a BabyStars astrology report?
Order one now and you’ll be reading about him or her in a couple of days.

A huge thanks again to Elizabeth from It's In The Stars Online for providing this fantastic info on our beautiful babies born under SAGITTARIUS!

Next month we get to learn all about our little Capricornians.  Until then, enjoy the warm weather that's finally upon us - very soon we'll be complaining it's too hot!

x Meagan x

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