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 Meagan's Musings... A Blog 
Monday, October 31 2011

Know a very new kid on the block??

With thanks to the amazingly talented Elizabeth who creates our BabyStars Astrology reports, we are now able to bring you an exclusive horoscope blog post every month!  Grab a glimpse into what makes your precious baby tick and gain some insight into the classic characteristics of babies born during the different weeks throughout the current star sign.  Just what all Yummy Mummies need to know!

This evening we are proud to introduce you to...


Occasionally, kids are born during an astrological period when they are not typical of their sign, because they have many planets in other signs.

But not the bunch born between 24 October and 3 November! These youngsters have the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, and if they’re born between 26-28 October, they’ll also have the New Moon in Scorpio. And if they’re born at sunrise (giving them an Ascendant there), well, you’ve got a child with five Scorpio placements… Those born until 11 November will have Mars in show-off Leo and Neptune in friendly Aquarius, squaring their planets, so you can expect lots of stormy drama at home, most likely over romances gone wrong, hotly-pursued romances and romances they thought had so much potential – you get the idea. But they also have the massive insight provided by the Sun sextiling Pluto in Capricorn on 29 October and the tremendous executive- and money-making ability of the once-in-four-years phenomenon, Jupiter in Midas touch Taurus trining Pluto on 28 October. Whatever happens love-wise, they will always be in demand in business – you could have yourself quite the little entrepreneur!

The impact of the Jupiter trine Pluto aspect will exist for all other little Scorpios (and Sagittarians too for that matter) born this year. Baby Scorpios born in the first week of November have a lighter air about them, with Mercury and Venus in sociable, free-wheeling Sagittarius on 3 November trining the Planetary Rebel, Uranus in Aries, and by sign, although not by degree, trining Mars in Leo until 11 November. Your kids will have plenty of energy, plenty of friends and plenty of half-started enthusiastic pursuits, and they will be verrrrry popular with the opposite sex, but unwilling to settle down until they’ve seen the world. Those born close to 1 November will be affected by the fantasy-making mischief of Mercury square Neptune so you will have to make Truth a priority in your household. First- and second-week November Scorpio babies are also affected by Mars opposite Neptune. This aspect waters down their energy and can make them easily exhausted, but also drained of vitality by types who sense their sensitivity and compassion. Take care with their choice of companions as alcohol and drugs are all-too-easy escape routes when life is going through a tough patch.

Babies born 11 November 2011 through to July 2012(!) have hard-working, perfectionistic Mars in Virgo, suggesting that after they gain the necessary skills, they will most likely work for themselves, crafting products and services of the highest standards. They will get upset with people not pulling their weight and even at a young age will be curiously persnickety on their “off” days. The wonderful Mars trine Jupiter aspect on 16 November makes these kids natural money-makers. You’ll never have to nag them to get a Saturday morning job and they know just how to get the best out of people to be great bosses. Kids born 7-14 November have Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius still loosely trine Uranus (although the planetary impact wanes considerably towards the end of that particular week), so they may be quite fussy about maintaining their freedom, so they can be with their friends, enjoying life, with some of them unwilling to marry until well into their 40s.

The kids born in the last week of Scorpio are also blessed by Mars in Jupiter as mentioned above, but they’ll be more serious about their relationships with Venus in Sagittarius sextiling Saturn in Libra. These little ones know how to make a commitment and look for a pal to spend their lives with. They are also business powerhouses, with Mars in hard-working Virgo, Jupiter in money-making Taurus and Pluto in capitalistic Capricorn. While the Sun moves into Sagittarius very late on 22 November, there is a incredibly potent Mars-Pluto trine happening on 23 November which will affect all kids born from mid-November through to mid-December. This is the aspect that moves mountains, makes for business visionaries and transforms lives. Watch this space.

Why not find out more about your child with a BabyStars astrology report?
Order one now and you’ll be reading about him or her in a couple of days.

A huge thanks again to Elizabeth from It's In The Stars Online for providing this fantastic info on our beautiful babies born under Scorpio!

Catch you all next month - the countdown to Christmas is well and truly on!
Sleep well
x Meagan x

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