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 Meagan's Musings... A Blog 
Wednesday, August 24 2011

Yes it's true.

Delay tactics are something I'm very good at.  No wonder my 4-year-old is a master in the same game... had to have learnt it from somewhere, didn't he?!  Not that I openly admit as much.

As I sit here tapping the keys (that touchscreen on my smartphone is just too damn small), I sigh as I survey the scene on the loungeroom fl- er, workshop floor.  It's a cluttered mess of so many tools of my trade and ok, lots of rubbish as well.  But let's be honest, rubbish bins tend to look a little weird in lounges.  And so the scraps of my day have the perfect excuse for continuing to lie on the floor.

I am content and satisfied; I put the finishing touches on Harry's keepsake memory box today and just now assembled Franca's engraved Mother necklace.

Unfortunately, like a bad (or should that be 'great') chef, I have not been the slightest bit interested in packing everything neatly away as I've ventured from one task to another.  I guess, like my children (but unlike a great chef) I will begrudgingly have to do it before I go to bed.

Sigh.  I wonder if anyone's emailed me in the last half hour?  I might go check....

x Meagan x 

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