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 Meagan's Musings... A Blog 
Sunday, January 16 2011

Today I stared and stared at the innocent faces and names on the front page of the Sunday Mail.

Then I flicked to the inside pages and read their stories - some for the second and third time, but the tears still stung at my eyes, just the same.  And I grieved silently for those lives washed away in an instant and for the broken and devastated family and friends left behind.  Not only have they lost loved ones, the whole of their existance as they knew it has gone as they are forced to begin their lives over - with nothing.

The feeling of helplessness pulls at me constantly.  And it's not even just us here in Qld.  It's Victoria, NSW, Tasmania.... Brazil.  I haven't watched the news tonight, so who knows where else by now.

PLEASE HELP SUPPORT QLD FLOOD SURVIVORS!  10% of your purchase from Keep It Unique Keepsakes will be donated to the Qld Flood Relief Appeal.  It seems like nothing, but all the nothings add up and it will make me feel like I am doing something.

Rest assured, this is not just because I am a Qlder.  As the other states start Relief Appeals of their own, Keep It Unique Keepsakes will be there supporting them too.

It seems unimaginable that my world carries on as if nothing has happened...
With a sad heart I say good night.

x Meagan x

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