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 Meagan's Musings... A Blog 
Friday, May 14 2010

Eeeek!  I'm not even going to bother with excuses this time, I think they're wearing thin - guess I'm just not really cut out to be a dedicated blogger, hehe.  This once a month thing is a pretty poor effort!

So anyway, it's been rather full on since my last entry.  Mother's Day: well, what can I say, it was busy, sad, happy and every emotion in between.  I probably blogged exactly the same sentiment last May.  It's a bit of a yucky week as it coincides with Jayden's angel anniversary and so this time of the year is always mixed blessings for me.  The expectant look on Mister Two's face as he helped his Daddy carry a tray of breakfast and chocolates in bed that morning (I must confess to not being a real fan of breakfast in bed, the crumbs always find me  later that night, but hey...  I'm seriously not having a whinge, the effort was a beautiful one) was worth taking a photo of and my heart felt deliriously happy...  only to be swapped with much ache later in the afternoon as we placed a little glittery butterfly in the tree above Jayden's plaque at the Gardens of Remembrance.  There were three other couples also in the babies garden whilst we were there...  nothing brings tears on faster than seeing other couples cry; knowing they too feel our pain.

Mothers Day flowers

And so it is quite an appropriate time to mention that we now have a much larger range of Urn Jewellery available - these gorgeous pendants are also fully engravable on the back, come with a beautiful sterling silver snake chain and are gift boxed.  They don't have to be for ash, you can put burial soil, a lock of hair, sand from a special beach or even crushed dried flowers in the little compartments.  Such a precious gift for any parent who has lost a baby or child.  Check them out.

new urn necklace styles

 Alright, as it's now 2 hours since I started typing this, I suppose I should save while I still have it and post!Stay tuned, we have a NEW ARRIVAL coming soon - hand stamped personalised pendants - yay!

Catch you soon, I'll do my best to make it before next month ;-)
x Meagan x



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