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 Meagan's Musings... A Blog 
Tuesday, August 31 2010

Is anyone watching this "Parenthood" series on Tues nights at 9.30pm after Packed to the Rafters?

My now two favourite programs are on one after the other - not a good thing for my adult relationships really, but I watch so little television these days, I am indulging in guilty pleasure!

Tonight was my third episode (I'm not sure how many have screened) and I find myself laughing then crying, then thinking I don't know how I'm going to cope with two teenage boys!

It's a bit unnerving these people are supposed to be around the same age as me and some of their kids are well into their teens whereas mine won't even start school for a few years BUT the emotions are all there - I can identify with SO much of it.

Still getting my head around Lauren Graham playing someone other than Lorelai Gilmore, but I guess I'll get there!

Ni Night,
x Meagan x

PS: Oh!  Forgot to mention: Memory Boxes!  Those perfect little places to store your tiny one's hospital gear, cards, locks of hair, beautiful poems or any special memories!  See them here, SOON!

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Thursday, August 12 2010
Well... Father’s Day is only weeks away and we are offering 20% discount plus free shipping on our Sterling Silver “Dad” and UNIDOS pendant necklaces (see pic below) to celebrate!
These beautiful pieces are personal, unique and will make for a great keepsake with the option to engrave your children's names and date of birth on each piece. Give Dad something he can treasure and wear with pride!

Sterling Silver Unidos and Dad's pendants 20% off for Father's DayOffer valid until 30 September, 2010.

Sweet Dreams in the land of nod...
x Meagan x

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Sunday, August 08 2010

LOOK WHAT I GOT!  Not usually one to show off, but I gotta flash it....

keep it unique keepsakes reviewed as a best business 2010

Ok, now to another topic:  I am thinking seriously about exhibiting at The Butterfly Tree Markets, held at the Gold Coast Arts Centre in the upcoming months.  It looks so amazing!  Does anyone have any feedback about the Market opening day last weekend??  Any comments appreciated!

x Meagan x


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Wednesday, August 04 2010

Name Necklaces!  Now offering 14 different styles - sure to be something for everyone!  Why not spend your tax return on a little treat for yourself??!

Check them out (sorry, no pics here, you've gotta click thru!)

On a personal note, CONGRATULATIONS to my very best friend and her gorgeous husband... little Ruby finally made her dramatic entrance early yesterday after a putting her tired and stressed-out mother through the pregnancy and birth from hell!!!  I am blessed to have another little princess in my life and am looking forward to watching her (and her big sister) grow and change for many years to come.

Well done you two!
x Meagan x



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