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 Meagan's Musings... A Blog 
Sunday, January 24 2010


Did I capture anyone's ("Anyone?  Anyone?  Anyone??" attention with my Baby Astrology subject title?

Yes?  Ok, good!  I'm guessing then, that you are someone small's Mummy (or Daddy, but highly unlikely - are there any males that actually believe in star signs and all that heavenly stuff?), Grandma, Nana, Aunty, Godmother or a close friend of the small one's family!   Hey well, they don't call me Einstein for nothing ;-)

Anyway.... yes, it's true!  We have now added Baby Astrology reports to our ever-expanding selection of Unique Keepsakes!  Wonder no longer about the as-yet undiscovered personality traits of the tiny little bundle in your arms.  Worried about your toddler who's turned three and still throwing tantrums?  Is s/he going to continue this behaviour into their thirties??  These astrology reports for babies will uncover such topics and plenty more.  What a truly personalised gift for a new baby, christening or birthday!  Click here for more info.

And coming soon to the Baby Star Signs category, for those that are curious but not that into it, free baby zodiac signs and their meanings...  a generalised idea of the way your beautiful little individual will show themselves to the outside word!

Well lovely people, my dinner has been served (I know, I'm lucky!)....
Until next time, take care.
x Meagan x

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Friday, January 08 2010

... Away we go again!!

Here's to a Happy New Year to you all!  I know there are lots of us who couldn't wait for 2009 to be over, it was a difficult year in many respects and I hope 2010 holds the key to put some laughter and love back in your hearts.  For those who did have a wonderful 12 months just gone, long may the sparkles continue!

January will be an interesting month in this house; yesterday we waved goodbye to Supernan and Poppa as they left on a Jet Plane back to their (quiet and peaceful) life in NZ.   The bedrooms here are over-flowing with clutter - er, toys - as the dust cloud finally settles after the Christmas activity (the dust cloud that will probably still be settled on the clutter two months down the track) and here am I, forced back into the full-time role of Motherhood.  At least for a few more weeks and then the Littlest One will be starting day care once a week.   Eeeeek!!  Am I ready to have one day of the week all to myself??  Is HE ready to be left with a room full of strangers for 8 hours?  Stay tuned....

Ok, now to the interesting stuff:
The much-promised Personalised Jewellery additions are almost complete!   Checkout the gorgeous sterling silver
Mother Bangles, Mother-Child Pendant and the BRAND new Unidos Family Pendant!  Still to come very very soon is the Daughter/Son Pendant and a classic personalised necklace for Dad - we absolutely could not forget about men's keepsake jewellery!

Our new additions to the personalised jewellery range!

I'm also excited to announce that coming very soon are Child Astrology Reports!  The perfect baby gift for any new parent... who doesn't want to know what personality traits that tiny little bundle will possess in years to come?

And with that, I must get to work.
Take care, wishing you a great start to the New Year...
x Meagan x




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