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 Meagan's Musings... A Blog 
Monday, July 27 2009

There is now a two-year-old toddler in our midst.  I can feel the immediate sympathy-shudders from all of you who've been here already!!!  Thank you ;-)

Something has kept me awake all night.  I have been wondering:  how on earth do you make red icing?????

Despite me emptying nearly a whole bottle of red food colouring, sadly my little boy blew out two candles on a pink cake yesterday.  Daddy thinks it suited him - but that is just Daddy being cruel.

My next hurdle: getting rid of dark pink stains all over the house!

And if anyone has a solution to my icing problem, please drop me a line - I'm more than curious!

Wishing you a great week,
x Meagan x


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Wednesday, July 22 2009

Ok, so this is another of those nights where my eyes are falling out of my head - that's if my dry contact lenses don't scratch the surface of them like sandpaper first!!

As promised, the latest breaking news from Keep it Unique Keepsakes:

Personalised Wooden Letters now available!!!

No more boring white letters - we have letters with personality!
Perfect for bub's nursery or little one's room.

I have been slaving away all weekend.
Enjoy :-)

personalised wooden letters

Sweet Dreams

x Meagan x

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Friday, July 10 2009

I found a beautiful poem (sorry, I have no idea of it's author) this morning and wanted to share it.
I cried a tear for my darling firstborn.

"This is for all the caterpillars
that never became butterflies.

All the butterflies,
that never caught the
wind in their wings.

And all the hearts,
that had hopes and dreams,
of a wondrous flight together."

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Thursday, July 09 2009

Delirious... me.  Tired.  Sore eyes  - I hate my contact lenses!

And I'm feeling a little down, because much-loved Super Nanny returned home today after her now-regular school holiday jaunt to our house.  So, it's back to enduring the tantrums on my own and being the special person whose eyes are pried open at 6.00am (if I'm lucky).

BUT I cannot go to bed without an update on the store...
Baby Announcement Cards are now able to be ordered online or over the phone and appear to be a big hit!

COMING SOON are personalised wooden letters!  The perfect gift... and after you've given someone else such a gorgeous present, I guarantee you'll want one (or three!) for your own kiddies rooms!

Bed, bed, bed, bed.....

Good night,
x Meagan x

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