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 Meagan's Musings... A Blog 
Tuesday, June 23 2009

Dear Son will be two next month.  He is still not talking.  I don't mean two or three word sentences - I mean not saying two or three words.

Not that he hasn't ever. 'Mum-mum', 'dad-dad', 'stuck', 'ta', 'whassat', 'there-it-is' have all been around at some stage.  But now they're gone and all we have is 'sssss' for the noise that a snake makes.

  • Boys are later than average to talk than girls.
  • He comprehends and that's the most important part.
  • He has eye contact and is social
  • He's not two yet and kids at this age vary so much in the rate at which they begin to verbalise

The above points were made by a speech pathologist I took DS to very recently - meant to reassure me.  So I should just relax, right??
Then I go and read other stuff.  Stuff about a disorder I've been hearing a lot of lately - apraxia.
This is the article:
Late Talkers - Correctly Diagnosing Speech Disorders.

Sigh.  So now what?  I guess I just wait some more.  Another few months.......
Wait and worry silently from within and hope that one day very soon, just one, tiny, intelligible word tumbles from my child's lips.

Ni night from one of those neurotic, worried mothers.
x Meagan x

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Tuesday, June 16 2009

Baby Announcement Cards are up and running!  At the moment there is only a limited selection, but new designs will be added as time permits.  Dear Son is being shipped off to daycare twice a week now, so hopefully there'll be no more excuses from me!

We are also permanently offering FREE SHIPPING - no matter where in the world you are - when you spend more than $80.00 in our store.

Why is it that I make about 6 cups of tea per day and none of them manage to come anywhere near my lips??  If anyone has a use for strong, cold tea, please do let me know!

cup of tea

Sweet Dreams from this house.
x Meagan x

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Monday, June 08 2009

I'm starting to think it wasn't such a great idea to begin a blog.  Who wants to read a diary that never gets updated?!?!?   I will try harder :-)  Between two little men and a vicious cycle of never-ending colds and flu in this house (I am sooooo over it!) there seems to be very little downtime for Mummy and her poor website.

Anyway, I promise, promise, promise that I am currently working on the Card Shop - in particular, my very own Baby Announcement cards.  They'll be able to be personalised with your own photos and wording.  Hopefully I'll have the Card Shop re-open for business by Fri 12 June.

Speaking of which, I'd better get back to the salt mine....
Enjoy your Queen's Bday public hol!

x Meagan x

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