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 Meagan's Musings... A Blog 
Friday, October 30 2009

Master Two has taken a disliking to eating meals at his own little table lately and I've been starting to think that maybe the time has come for him to begin eating with company - at the big table.

So this morning him and I sat down together for breakfast.  Well, his second breakfast of the day; the first being several hours earlier at 5.15am.  Yes, pleasing, to say the least.

Anyway, it was all very civilised and we had a great old chat even though I'm not entirely sure what it was all about!

An hour later he is starting to get tired and cranky already  (several wake-ups during the night coupled with the early morning), so as we do battle about everything from him taking his brother's toys to why I can't fast-foward the ad breaks on TV, I try to remain calm as I keep telling myself that in 15mins he will be at day care and will no longer my problem :-)

Am I a horrible mother??


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Tuesday, October 13 2009
At the moment I’m putting together a collection of poems on the loss of a baby and I’d LOVE your help! It can be a poem or verse dedicated to miscarriage, stillbirth, a loss soon after birth or infant loss.
If you’d like to share a special piece to help others who’ve also been there, please drop me a line.
In appreciation for your efforts, we’re giving away a $5.00 Keep It Unique Keepsakes voucher to everyone who submits.
Details on how to claim your discount will be emailed to you once we've received your poem or verse (or song!).
Thanks heaps in advance and I look forward to reading some touching writing... not to mention the few tears that will inevitably flow as a result!
You can email us directly  with your poem: or use our Contact Us page.  Oh, and if you know the author, please advise us of their name, it would be a great help.
It’s ni-night from me.
x Meagan x
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Tuesday, October 13 2009
YES! Finally! Urn Jewellery is now up and running. Actually, it has been for about a week now, I’ve just been slack at blogging.
Currently there are four beautiful sterling silver designs available:

Urn Memorial Jewellery

If you know someone who’s lost someone special, or you’re that person who’s lost a loved-one - whether it be a baby loss or an adored grandparent – wearing a keepsake close to your heart in their honour is a wonderful way to help ease the hurt. I wish this type of memorial jewellery had been around 3 years ago when I was in search of some peace and closure after our little man died.
Each meaningful pendant is able to carry a tiny amount of cremains (cremation ashes) or alternatively a lock of hair, dried flowers or soil from the burial site. A stunning .925 sterling silver snake chain to hold the pendant is included, gorgeously gift-boxed. You’ll also receive a personalised keepsake verse, a screw-driver and plastic funnel for filling. Shipping is FREE and for a limited time we’re also giving away a silver polishing cloth with every Urn Memorial Necklace.
I hope we can help soothe a heart.
x Meagan x
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Thursday, October 01 2009

Here in Australia the first day of October is almost over.  I was supposed to have the urn memorial necklaces online by now (and no, I still haven't decided what to officially call them - any suggestions??).  I'm so sorry for the delay but I'm working on getting it all together every day, I promise!

SuperNan left to fly back home to her beloved hubby today.  Happy, I think, to be relieved of her demanding nanny duties and running around after a daughter who laps up every bit of help she can get when she can get it ;-)  As she departed for the airport this afternoon, we waved her off at the train station (lesson learnt a while ago: peak hour traffic, dinner time and cranky kids in cars don't mix)... Lucas in tears because he couldn't get on the train with her and me knowing exactly how he felt.  As we watched the last carriage disappear into the distance, I let a few tears fall as well.  It seemed a long walk back to the car.

Good-byes are sad.

Sweet Dreams from our house,
x Meagan x

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